TupuOra has crafted and developed the unique and highly successful programme named Te Rekamauroa which is designed by teachers for teachers. Te Rekamauroa is phase one and has been purposefully contextualised across education sectors covering local dialect, history, stories, songs, haka and narratives.

The name Te Rekamauroa is derived from one of the types of kūmara, that Whakaotirangi, wife of Hoturoa, brought with her on the Tainui waka from Hawaiki.

An interpretation of Te Rekamauroa could be “The Long-Lasting Sweetness”. Whakaotirangi had to adapt how she grew kūmara in the new environment; much like how we need to stay current and think strategically around language regenesis today, so we can forever savour the sweetness of te Reo Māori, for generations to come.