Our phased programming for Te Ahu o te Reo Māori has been drawn directly from tikanga Māori as the overarching philosophy that will continue to guide and inform its ongoing delivery across the regions where we have been fortunate to secure delivery.

Programme delivery is in two phases. Participants will receive up to 170 hours of learning and support for each level undertaken.

  • Phase 1: Te Rekamauroa — 120 hours of directed and self-directed learning
  • Phase 2: Te Rua Korotangi — 50 hours of learning consolidation and enhancement.
    Please note, Phase 2 is not compulsory, but is offered as additional support for participants.

The delivery of curriculum will be achieved through a mixed mode of face-to-face learning and online delivery – Kura Whakahihiri (two-day workshops); Akoranga Whakahihiri (full day workshop); Te Whakapūmautanga (self-directed learning) and Wero (challenges). Key features include Kaikōrero (guest speaker); Kauwhau (seminar); Mahi Kēmu (game activities); Haerenga (local site visits); Kauwhau Whakahihiri (symposium) and Whakangāhau (celebration).