Realising Success Through Culture

Mā te Ahu, ka Rea — Realising success through Culture is our professional learning and development philosophy.  Join us on a guided journey of learning to deepen your understanding and awareness of realising success through culture. TupuOra offers a cultural capability programme that includes seven Kaupapa Ako and is delivered over a duration of eight months.
This programme is flexible and participants are able to tailor the programme to suit their professional learning needs, Participants will also be able to connect with our Ranga Whakaako/Facilitation team.

Ranga Whakaako – Facilitation Team

Rāwinia Paringatai
Pou Ranga Whakaako, Pou Whakaako
Tiare Teinakore
Pou Whakarauora, Pou Whakaako
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes
Pou Aronui, Pou Whakaako
Liz Morgan
Pou Whakahihiri, Pou Whakaako
Te Manawaroa Teinakore
Pou Whakahihiri, Pou Whakaako
Jess Walker
Pou Tuihono, Pou Whakaako
Nichole Gully
Pou Whakaako

Ki whea — Where?

We work nationwide and offer online information support for Regionally Allocated PLD applications. We will work with you to tailor your professional development approach including face to face hui/wānanga and/or online zoom/webinars

Whakapā mai — Contact us

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