Te Reo Māori Global

The opportunity to share our language and culture with the world, particularly with whānau living away from Aotearoa, has been one of our goals as an organisation, since our inception.  We are excited to finally to bring this dream to life through Whiua ki te Ao – Te Reo Māori Global.

We are all in some way connected with whānau and people from Aotearoa, now based overseas, who yearn for a chance to reconnect with Te Ao Māori.  As we move more towards global citizenship, it is  now more important than ever to ensure that our language and culture does not get left behind, and is instead promoted in ways for people to access no matter where they are in the world.

Accordingly, Whiua ki te Ao – Te Reo Māori Global, is a means for whānau and people of all fluency levels to access high quality te reo Māori and tikanga Māori learning opportunities and experiences overseas.   Our aim is to open up the world to some of the best teachers and experts of te reo Māori, through online training programmes and events, as well as digital resources and face-to-face wānanga.

Whiua ki te Ao is a name taken from the well-known Māori waiata ‘Whakarongo’, by Ngoi Pēwhairangi.  In her words:

Whiua ki te ao
Whiua ki te rangi
Whiua ki ngā iwi katoa

Share it (the language)
Unto the skies, with the world
With everyone

If you are based overseas and would like to know more about Whiua ki te Ao – Te Reo Māori Global, please contact TupuOra HERE


International Delivery

We are coming to you! This is our first international Face to face kaupapa, being delivered in April (Perth) and June (Gold Coast) of this year, with other kaupapa in other areas of the world coming soon!

Whiua ki te AoAhitereiria – AUSTRALIA

Whiua ki te Ao
— Ahitereiria

Whiua ki te Ao – Ahitereiria will be the first in-person Kura Reo made available to those living in Australia
Students will have the opportunity to register and learn te reo Māori and tikanga from specialists and experts sitting right before them.
Whiua ki te Ao Ahitereiria will follow the concepts of the traditional Kura Reo. However there will be exciting and new tools and resources that will be exciting, dynamic and fresh. This Kura Reo is open to people of all fluency levels targeted at adults aged 18 and over.

Two locations in 2023

Thank you for your interest in our Kura Reo —
Whiua ki te Ao – Ahitereiria 

Our registration form will take you up to five minutes to complete. The information collected will only be used by TupuOra for the delivery of Whiua ki te Ao – Ahitereiria.

Each individual must fill in a registration form, there are no group registrations.

Registrations close 31st March 2023

If you are living overseas and would like more information,
contact us here